Saturday, April 6, 2013

Book Review~The Art of Homemaking eBook by Daryl V. Hoole

Many times, an eBook disappoints me:  the formatting may be wrong, illustrations may be absent, scanned in pages may be uneven, or the book lacks pagination entirely, making it difficult to share information with other readers.  The eBook version of Mrs. Hoole's now-classic homekeeping guide--The Art of Homemaking--represents an exception to most eBooks. 

The entire text of the original was meticulously scanned and re-created in eBook form.  Mrs. Hoole's editors maintained the original pagination (helpful for homemaking teachers, such as myself) as well as the illustrations of Richard and Mary Scopes. 

Millions of homemakers sing the praises of Mrs. Hoole's book.  Mrs. Hoole leads homemakers through the main facets of keeping a home:  chore completion and tracking; helpful hints; thoughts on housekeeping equipment; meal planning; prayer and patience; helping others to help; adding one's own touches.  

Mrs. Hoole's eBook may be purchased from her website.

Rating:  ❤❤❤❤❤

Disclaimer:  I do not have any financial relationship with Mrs. Hoole or her publisher; however, I do use her book as part of my Vintage Homemaking class.

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