All Things Feminine Disclaimer

Any items that have been gifted, sent, or given to me from a PR company in consideration for a product review will be clearly identified. Be assured that I will always give my 100% honest opinion on any product reviewed on All Things Feminine.  I won't recommend something that I would not use myself. 

All the products that I try out will be reviewed in order to help you to decide on possible future purchases.  Be sure to investigate thoroughly on your own before making a purchase decision.

Links on All Things Feminine may be affiliate links.  When you make a purchase on the website, even if you don't purchase the featured item, I earn a small commission, usually between five and ten percent.  The commission does not increase the cost of the item you purchase.

I do not and will not accept payment in exchange for a positive review.  I will not feature sponsors that I do not do business with myself. 

Product recommendations are based on my own experience; therefore, your results may vary.  My research exists to help you, and I encourage you to research on your own.

I am not a esthetician,  cosmetics artist, dermatologist, or any other type of professional.  The recommendations on this blog should not be used in lieu of professional consultation.

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